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Product Quality & Safety Information

Download and access important product quality notices and safety information.

Product Quality Notices

Notice  Model   
Jan 2015
Beckett AquaSmart Circulator Confi guration Error
G115 and G215 Oil Fired Boilers (all models) Download (PDF 0.4 MB)
Jan 2015
PIN: GB142 Vent Adaptor Inspection
GB142-24,30,45,60 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Nov 2014
PIN: Sticking Thermal Expansion Valves / Frozen Coils
1.5-3.0 Ton Split and Package Units Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Apr 2014
PIN: GB142 Gas Supply Pipe Inspection
GB142-24,30,45,60 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Apr 2014
PIN: R2107 Controller Factory Mis-wire
R2107 Download (PDF 0.3 MB)
Jul 2013
PIN: GA124 Missing Jumper Plug
GA124 Gas Boiler Download (PDF 0.4 MB)
Oct 2010
Boiler Control Unit Latest Version
GB142-24,30,45,60 / GB162-80,100 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Oct 2010
PQN-08: Wood Boiler Surface Cracking and Storage Requirements
G201 Wood Burning Boilers Download (PDF 0.8 MB)
Jan 2010
PQN-03: SM300 Missing Lower Anode Rod
Logalux SM300 Tanks Download (PDF 0.5 MB)
Jan 2010
PQN-05: GB142 Heat Exchanger Kit Water Treatment Requirement
GB142 Heat Exchanger Kits Download (PDF 0.1 MB)
Aug 2009
PQN-02: GB142 Spare Part Quality Updates
GB142-24,30,45,60 Download (PDF 0.7 MB)
Oct 2008
PQN-01: GA124 Incorrect Venturi
GA124/30 Gas Boiler Download (PDF 0.1 MB)

Product Safety Notices

Notice  Model   
Product Safety Alert GB312 Download (PDF 0.2 MB)
Close Out Letter GB312 Download (PDF 1.5 MB)
Product Safety Alert GB142 Download (PDF 0.4 MB)
Close Out Letter GB142 Download (PDF 1.5 MB)
Connector Rework Instructions - TBG9 Tech Bulletin GB142 Download (PDF 1.9 MB)
Recall Alert - Service kit for gas-fired boiler
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