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Buderus Solar Products

Solar Products

Buderus solar technology offers any number of opportunities for new houses or new heating systems, for hot water heating or for central heating backup.

Solar Heating Systems

Buderus solar thermal heating systems are comprised of some key components that effectively convert the sun’s free energy into practical heat for domestic hot water and space heating applications. These indirect solar heating systems include the following components:

  • Flat Plate Solar Collectors – collecting and transferring solar thermal energy into usable heat
  • Solar Storage Tank – storage tank for accumulating the collected solar thermal energy
  • Solar Pump Station – circulation system for moving the heat transfer fluid from the collectors to the storage tank
  • Solar Controller – automatically decides when to run the pump to bring the solar heat from the collectors to the storage tank
  • Expansion Tank – a safety device that captures the expansion and condensation of the solar heat transfer fluid during changing climatic conditions

The design and selection of the Buderus solar thermal systems comes from 25 years of experience with solar installations in varied conditions and locations. Our propylene glycol active indirect systems are reliable and robust designed to endure year after year the freezing conditions of winter and high stagnation temperatures of summer.

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Federal Tax Credits
Buderus Solar Water Heating Systems Qualify for 30% Tax Credit
Buderus Solar Panels (SKN 3.0 and SKS 4.0) qualify for a 30% Tax Credit of the total cost of a solar water heating system. Our solar panels are certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC). Visit for details
How the system works

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