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Outstanding quality control and centuries of experience, Buderus produces boilers designed for excellent efficiency and long life.

Buderus GC144 Gas-Fired Boiler

NEW! Efficiency ratings of 85% on all models!
Designed and manufactured by the world leader in hydronic heating the Buderus GC144 boiler is a compact, easy to install boiler with all the features and benefits Buderus customers have come to expect.
Buderus Gas Model GC124
Buderus Gas GC124
  • Designed as a replacement to almost any make or model boiler
  • Compatible with Natural Gas or Propane

Buderus G234X Gas-Fired Boiler

The G234X offers low emissions and are designed for many years of trouble-free operation.
Buderus Gas Model G234X
Buderus Gas G234X
  • Full 3½" of thermal insulation for minimal standby heat losses
  • Offers low emissions with Premixed Burner Technology
  • Durable, quiet and efficient

Buderus G334X Gas-Fired Boiler

The G334X series offers a full 3” of thermal insulation for minimal standby heat losses, optimum heat transfer, and efficient operation.
Buderus Gas Model G334X
Buderus Gas G334X
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • State-of-the-art design in cast iron boilers
  • Available in natural gas but easily converts to propane

The GC124 and G124X are EnergyStar certified.

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