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Buderus Controls

Controls for Home Owners

Eliminate the wide temperature swings of conventional heating systems by using Buderus Controls.

Buderus Controls

Simple operation, intelligent functions: that is the basic concept of the Logamatic 2000 Series. Buderus Logamatic controls monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature and accordingly adjusts boiler temperature to actual demand. Lower operating water temperature decreases cool-down and flue gas losses which translate lowers energy consumption and fuel bills. The patented Buderus "Variable Differential" delivers 40% fewer burner starts, which translates into much cleaner operation. Our Logamatic control can reduce annual fuel consumption by as much as 30%. The Logamatic control will provide you with the heating comfort and fuel efficiency you should expect from a hot water heating system.

New! RC35 EMS Control

It features room reset, outdoor reset, a programmable thermostat, DHW priority as well as room, zone, low loss header, and solar control capability.
Buderus RC35 EMS Control
RC35 EMS Control
  • Graphic display and user interface
  • Outdoor temperature control (weather-dependent control)
  • Room temperature control
  • Outdoor temperature control influenced by room temperature

Logamatic 4000

Invest in the future: 4000 Series controls. The function of a BMS system at a fraction of the cost.
Buderus Logamatic Controls
Logamatic Control
  • Complete Self Diagnostic & Programming
  • Manual/Automatic Operation of all Outputs
  • Modular Design with Functional Control Modules

Logamatic 2107

Energy savings, higher comfort level and quality are what you find with the Logamatic 2107.
Buderus Logamatic Controls
Logamatic Control 2107
  • Reduces annual fuel consumption by up to 30%
  • Delivers unsurpassed comfort
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
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