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Logalux SM300/SM400

Buderus Hot Water Heaters
Logalux SM300/SM400
The Logalux SM series supplies you with hot water 24/7. An effective heat transfer is guaranteed by the large internal indirect coil surface area. The very thick thermal insulation ensures that heat losses are minimized, that heat is utilized effectively and that the environment is protected.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Hot water available at any time
  • Minimum heat loss through thick insulation
  • Effective heat transfer through large heat transfer surfaces
  • Subject to demand, boiler-tank combination with high capacity or for areas with limited space
  • Large maintenance apertures for easy cleaning
  • Even temperature stratification without cold zones through favorable arrangement of the heat exchanger
  • Optional installation of a second indirect coil or an electric immersion heater
  • Suitable for all potable water qualities (for total hardness levels below 2° dH on request)


  • Hot water tank as vertical version with integral smooth tube indirect coil
  • Indirect coil drawn right down into the lower section of the tank
  • Corrosion protection through DUOCLEAN MKT thermoglazing and magnesium anode
  • Thermal insulation made from 2" thick CFC-free rigid PU foam
  • Tank capacity: 77 and 103 gallons

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Logalux SM300/SM400