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Logasol SKS 4.0

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Logasol SKS 4.0 solar collector
The Logasol SKS 4.0 offers you lasting heating convenience for hot water heating and central heating backup.
With the top solar product from Buderus you can utilize solar energy lastingly and with particular efficiency. Innovative technologies from Buderus give you great performance and protect your finances as well as the environment.

Thanks to the high standard of quality and the robust casing, you can utilize the energy of the sun over particularly long periods, and the value of your property increases as well.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Particularly efficient energy yield through innovative technology
  • Elegant design
  • May be used for solar water heating and central heating backup
  • Long service life through robust and weather-resistant fibreglass frame
  • Maximum efficiency (85.1%) thanks to maximum energy conversion
  • Flexible installation: installation on flat roofs and walls
  • Easy installation: roof integration or rooftop installation
  • Low weight


  • Inert gas filling prevents condensation forming on the inside of the collector in the morning
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent the ingress of air and contaminants
  • Solar safety glass with a light transmission ratio of up to 91%
  • Fibreglass frame protects against weather and mechanical influences
  • Area absorber converts up to 97% of the insolation into heat
  • Double meander enables improved heat transfer and consequently higher performance
  • Thermal insulation of the back panel for lower heat loss
  • Solar flow for connection of the solar components downstream
  • Ultrasound-welded seams for minimum heat loss


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Product Brochure Collector SKS 4.0 Download
Installation Manual for Flat Roof & Wall Installations Collector SKS 4.0 Download

Here, you'll locate hot water tanks, control units or accessories that you can combine to create an optimum system, thanks to the Buderus system design.

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