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Buderus Solar Collector

Solar Collector

Buderus offers the most modern sun collectors dedicated to meet your personal requirements. With Buderus sun collectors you receive the most dependable and efficient way to heat your water. Set you on solar energy and already environment and money bag.

Solar collectors - efficient and elegant

The solar panel collector Logasol SKS 4.0 provides a particularly efficient and long-lived solution

Modern solar technology by Buderus offers a corrosion and weather-proof panel collector - the Logasol SKN 3.0.

Individual Buderus large collectors

Customer Quote: "I want an integrated and efficient system that is environmentally friendly. Luckily Buderus has a great selection of solar solutions."
Solar Products
How Buderus Solar Collector System Works in Your Home
Your complete station transfers the heat from your collectors to your cylinder, maintaining a constant high efficiency. Click here to see how it works