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Pump Stations

With Buderus controllers the connection of the solar heating system becomes simple. The complete station Logasol KS integrates all the necessary safety and controlling means for your solar system.

KS-line of solar pumps - compact & simple

The Buderus KS-line of solar pump stations are compact, pre-assembled 2-line pump kits that are completely integrated packages that are controlled using one of the Buderus solar controllers. The pre-integrated pump station allows for ease-of-installation and comes with a quiet variable flow circulation pump and all the operational and safety devices required for a reliable solar thermal system.

An air vent is included precluding the necessity to install a vent by the collector field on the roof. There are different size pump stations available designed to supporting from 1 to 50 collector systems. All supply and return connections are fitted with compression fitting omitting the need to braze copper piping. There are fill and drain valves for fast and simple charging and maintenance of the solar heat transfer fluid.
Buderus Solar Pump Station Diagram