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Buderus Solar Accessories
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Roof Mounting Solutions
Roof Mounting Brackets
Buderus has engineered innovative mounting hardware systems that simplify the installation of the flat plate solar collectors regardless of the roof type. The Buderus solar mounting hardware system offer the installer the prefect installation solution for flat shingle, tile and corrugated metal roofs.

Collector Connection Solutions:
Plug-and-socket connectors make the interconnection of collectors as well as to the supply and return run a fast and easy installation that requires no tools. The SKS 4.0 collectors use flexible stainless steel tubing while the SKN 3.0 collectors use reinforced and UV resistant rubber tubing. Both solutions are designed to endure high stagnation temperatures and system pressure up to 6 bar.

Roof Mounting Solutions:
Buderus has taken every detail into consideration with the design of the roof mounting solutions for most roof surfaces. Buderus mounting solutions have been designed to insure the most aesthetic installation using robust high quality aluminum hardware that can withstand the most challenging environments like those with high wind and snow loads. Using adjustable roof jacks and pre-drilled rails, one can install the Buderus flat plate collectors using only an Allen wrench. The result is a clean and reliable on-roof or flat roof installation.
Buderus Solar Accessories
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Expansion Tank
Expansion Tanks
The solar heat transfer fluid used by the Buderus Solar Thermal System expands when it is heated by the sun in the collectors. In order to compensate the volume change of the fluid in the system, a membrane expansion tank needs to be installed. The size of the expansion tank depends on the system pressure, collector area, system volume and static height of the system.

The Buderus expansion tank is a safety device to insure that the maximum allowable operating pressure is never reached. The entire volume of the solar system is contained in the expansion tank. A properly designed system will compensate volume changes in the solar system and diminish the need to have a safety valve open.