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Radiant Heat Products

Radiant Heat Products

Panel Radiators
  • Available in white and a variety of sizes
  • Individual temperature control
  • Cleaner, quieter, and more comfortable source of heat

Buderus Panel Radiator are clean, do not blow air or stir up dust, and their operation is virtually silent.

Buderus, the world’s largest producer of cast iron boilers, manufactures high output hydronic steel panel radiators which are stocked in the U.S. Panel radiators produce an incredibly comfortable heat by providing both convected and radiant heat. Radiant heat warms objects rather than air, creating a greater sense of warmth faster and at lower room temperatures. Buderus radiators are designed to operate with individual thermostats.
Towel Warmer
  • Each towel rack acts as a radiator - an adjustable source of heat for the room
  • Keeps your bathroom dry and free of mildew, germs and musty smells
  • Offered in a variety of styles and sizes

Towel Warmers: Nothing is more comfortable than a warm towel after a bath or a shower. European towel warmers from Buderus are the perfect combination of contemporary styling and economical luxury. Towel Warmers are also an excellent way to add heat and remove humidity and dampness from any bathroom.

Available in a variety of sizes, The NB style towel warmers are finished in high quality white enamel that will complement any bathroom décor.

Quick Fit System

  • Quick-Mix Mixing Station
  • Quick-Pump Station
  • Quick-Header Manifold
  • Saves time and money on any boiler installation
  • Eliminates incorrect valve or motor installation
  • Ensures a clean, finished and professional installation

Simplifies and speeds any boiler installation

The Quick-Fit™ System takes only = minutes to connect and includes all the piping, valves, circulating and control elements to feed both radiant floor = heating zones and conventional = high-temperature heating zones. The Quick-Fit™ System can be used to connect virtually any piping arrangement


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