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Buderus Oil Model G515
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Logano G515
Buderus developed the full three pass system to increase the heat transfer and efficiency of boilers. This design allows more heat to be transferred during all three passes, unlike conventional boilers that only use one pass to transfer heat. This system maximizes the total possible heat available with the lowest fuel consumption possible. To greatly decrease standby loss Buderus has manufactured a 3½" and 4" thick thermal insulation.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Eliminates the need for bypass loop or
  • shunt pump.
  • Eliminates hot and cold spots in the boiler
  • Minimizes thermal stresses in each section
  • Allows operation at low return water
  • temperatures without thermal shock
  • concerns
  • Minimum supply temperature of 122° F with standard control.
  • Ensures balanced water flow through all boiler sections


  • Maintain minimum 122º F supply temperature with standard high temperature controls during burner operation within 10 minutes after burner starts up
  • No additional requirements for firing with 2-stage or full modulation burners (gas or oil)
  • No minimum return water temperature and no minimum flow requirement
  • Boiler(s) shall not require return water temperature control or minimum flow condition

Here, you'll locate hot water tanks, control units or accessories that you can combine to create an optimum system, thanks to the Buderus system design.

Recommended Storage Tanks

  • Buderus offers a full range of high efficiency indirect water tanks to compliment your boiler.


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