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Logano G315

Buderus Oil Model G315
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Logano G315
The boiler sections are assembled with beveled, surface profiled push nipples for long, trouble-free watertight operation. Boiler flue ways are manufactured to be gas tight with tongue and groove section design and elastic, high temperature resistant sealing rope. This seal is fully
pressed into the groove during assembly to allow positive pressure operation. A permanent dry door gasket ensures repeated positive sealing of the full swing burner door. Because flue gases cannot escape through the seams between boiler sections, the boilers are able to retain heat more efficiently.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimum investment prospect through long service life
  • Clean combustion through low combustion chamber loading
  • Reliable operation without shunt pump and return temperature control through Thermostream technology
  • Suitable for operation with oil or gas
  • Easy handling, even in very tight spaces through delivery in sections
  • Easy selection and optimization through factory-sourced Unit burner


  • Ecostream low temperature boiler for oil or gas combustion with modulating boiler water temperature control without minimum return temperature
  • Boiler design with Thermostream technology for reliable operation without shunt pump and return temperature control
  • Water-cooled combustion chamber with low combustion chamber loading and hot gas routing in accordance with the three-pass principle
  • Boiler suitable for oil or gas
  • Unit versions with an pressure-jet oil and gas burner matched to the boiler for clean combustion and efficient energy utilization –AFUE’s of 88%
  • Easy handling through delivery of the boiler block in sections
  • Optional assembly of the boiler block at the factory
  • Easy installation of third party burners with the aid of predrilled burner plates

Here, you'll locate hot water tanks, control units or accessories that you can combine to create an optimum system, thanks to the Buderus system design.

Recommended Storage Tanks

  • Buderus offers a full range of high efficiency indirect water tanks to compliment your boiler.


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