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Logano G125BE

The strength of the G125BE is the state-of-the-art Low-NOx Buderus BE Burner. The Buderus BE burner is designed to burn at lower temperatures than conventional burners and to re-circulate the combustion gases resulting in complete combustion and inhibiting the formation of NOx.

Buderus Oil Model G125BE
Logano G125BE
The Logano G125 makes heating affordable and convenient. This low temperature boiler burns oil efficiently and almost soot-free. These boilers are suitable for detached houses and two-family homes. Thanks to the Buderus system design, they can be extended as required, for example by a solar thermal system or a hot water tank.

Advantages at a Glance

  • NEW! Efficiency ratings of 90% on all models!
  • NEW! All boilers now eligible for the Federal tax credit!
  • The ONLY conventional cast iron boilers in the world that are Federal tax credit eligible!
  • Operation low on noise and emissions
  • Efficient energy utilization - seasonal efficiency [to DIN] of up to 96%
  • Optimum investment prospect through long service life
  • High heating comfort and user-friendliness through the Logamatic EMS control system
  • Suitable for use with conventional and low-sulfur fuel oil
  • Modern functional design


  • Available with an outputs of 73, 97, and 118 MBH
  • Unit version (fully assembled unit) comprising boiler, oil burner and control system; as an option with a hot water tank
  • Modulating operation, i.e. matched to the actual heat demand, without low end temperature limit
  • Boiler body made from gray cast iron, specially developed by Buderus
  • Combustion chamber design perfectly matched to the flame geometry, thanks to the excellent plasticity of the casting material during manufacture
  • Available for open flue and balanced flue versions

Here, you'll locate hot water tanks, control units or accessories that you can combine to create an optimum system, thanks to the Buderus system design.

Recommended Storage Tanks

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Additional Information

Certification is required to purchase this boiler.