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Solar Module SM10

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Solar module SM10
Module for the Logamatic EMS control system for regulating a solar thermal system for hot water heating

Advantages at a Glance

  • Optimizing function to improve the solar yield by reducing reheating of the hot water tank by the boiler
  • Speed control for the solar circuit pump, subject to the temperature differential between the solar collector and the tank
  • Optimized heating of Thermosiphon tank by high flow/low flow changeover
  • Module either integrated into the complete station KS0105 or in the boiler control unit


  • For systems with solar hot water heating for installation anywhere
  • Control of a solar thermal system for hot water heating, e.g. in conjunction with a Buderus complete station KS01..
  • Control of a dual-mode hot water tank in solar thermal systems with Thermosiphon principle
  • Control of dual-mode hot water tanks in standard solar thermal systems without Thermosiphon principle
  • High flow/low flow system with variable solar circuit pump control, including 1 collector and 1 tank temperature sensor
  • Reheat optimization through technical integration into the overall system for SM and SL tanks
  • Designated and color-coded plugs
  • With terminal cover and fixing screws
  • Internal communication via EMS databus
  • ON and fault indication via LED
  • Incl. 1 collector and 1 tank temperature sensor
  • Incl. wall mounting set
  • Maximum 1 module per system

Control/system technology

Logamatic EMS with RC35

Solar technology/solar energy

Logasol SKN 3.0
Logasol SKS 4.0


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