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Function module FM443

Buderus offers modern and user friendly standards for solar water heating systems. Experience more!

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Function module FM443
With the FM443 function module from Buderus, you catch two birds with one stone: you increase the use of solar energy and simultaneously reduce the consumption of fossil fuel.
Using this module enables the integration of the solar circuit control into the devices that make up the Logamatic 4000 control system.
Consequently, utilizing the FM443 suppresses unnecessary reheating of your hot water by the heating system.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Intelligent linking of solar circuit and boiler control units to form one overall control system
  • System optimization and highest solar energy utilization
  • Cost savings for primary fuels, such as gas and oil
  • Utilization of solar energy for hot water heating and central heating backup


  • Installation into the Logamatic 4000 control units
  • Temperature differential control including control function for 2 solar consumers and pump control with variable flow rate
  • Optimization function for improving solar yield
  • Reduced reheating by the boiler through capture of the solar energy yields and the heat currently stored inside the tank
  • Optional priority control in favor of the tank
  • Control of anti-stratification of transfer pump
  • Monitoring temperatures inside the hot water tank including pre-heat stage and possible pasteurization via the Logamatic 4000
  • Display of the collector and tank temperatures, hours run and fault messages
  • Optional scanning of the solar yield (in conjunction with heat meters)
  • Many setting options

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