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Function module FM442

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Function module FM442
For integrating two heating circuits with or without actuator into the Logamatic 4000 control system

Advantages at a Glance

  • Control of two heating circuits with/without actuator
  • Optional connection of a BFU remote control for each heating circuit
  • Alternative external day/night changeover via zero volt contact


  • External inputs optionally for activating a heating circuit outside the specified times by an external day/night/auto changeover
  • External inputs for pump fault
  • Heating circuit control according to the weather-compensated principle and/or room temperature hook-up with automatic adaptation plus start/stop optimization when connecting a BFU remote control (possible for every heating circuit) or the MEC2 programming unit as centre inside the living space
  • Heating circuits with their individual time channels
  • Heating circuits with freely selectable heating curve for systems with radiators, underfloor heating, low end temperature, constant temperature or room controller
  • For underfloor heating circuits, separately adjustable screed drying function
  • Automatic matching of the setback temperature in accordance with DIN EN 12831, individually adjustable for each heating circuit
  • Heating circuits with separately adjustable party, pause and vacation function
  • Heating circuits with separately adjustable setback type in night mode
  • Heating circuits with separately adjustable setback type in vacation mode


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Control/system technology

Logamatic 4121
FM442 function module specification