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Function module FM441

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Function module FM441
For integrating a heating circuit function and hot water heating into the Logamatic 4000 control system

Advantages at a Glance

  • Function module for Logamatic 4000
  • Control of hot water heating with cylinder primary pump and hot water circulation pump
  • Control of one heating circuit with/without actuator
  • Optional connection of a BFU remote control
  • Alternative external day/night changeover via zero volt contact


  • Hot water heating with an individual time channel or in accordance with the heating circuit time channel
  • Optionally in parallel with heating circuits or in priority mode
  • Daily pasteurization
  • Daily monitoring of hot water heating and possibly heating up once to 60 °C in accordance with DVGW code of practice W551
  • Switching a hot water circulation pump with interval control and an individual time channel
  • External input for activating the hot water heating or pasteurization through an external control unit
  • External inputs for hooking-up an external fault message or inert anode
  • For details in connection with the heating circuit control unit, see FM442


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FM441 function module specification