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Lower operating water temperature decreases cool-down and flue gas losses which translate lowers energy consumption and fuel bills.

Logamatic 4000

Invest in the future: 4000 Series controls. The function of a BMS system at a fraction of the cost.
Buderus Logamatic 4000
Logamatic 4000
  • Complete Self Diagnostic & Programming
  • Manual/Automatic Operation of all Outputs
  • Modular Design with Functional Control Modules

Logamatic 2107

Energy savings, higher comfort level and quality are what you find with the Logamatic 2107
Buderus Logamatic 2107
Logamatic 2107
  • Reduces annual fuel consumption by up to 30%
  • Delivers unsurpassed comfort
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications

Heatronic 4000 Commercial Boiler Control

Provides a flexible, cost effective mixed plant solution.
Heatronic 4000
  • Operate and monitor up to 4 boilers, condensing, non-condensing, or a mix
  • Compatible with NG, LP and Oil, single-stage, two-stage, modulating and dual fuel boilers
  • BacNet® and Modbus® Compatible
  • Programmable Occupied and Unoccupied Schedules
  • Outdoor Temperature Reset, Setpoint Operations
  • Pre-programmed with all Bosch Buderus Boilers
  • Over twenty factory pre-configured settings
  • DHW (Domestic Hot Water) Priority, or Dedicated DHW Operation
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